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GCR team:

We don’t know yet whether we’ll be setting up a research mentorship programme, a GCR think tank or something else. The final roles will depend on this. We’ll know more at the beginning of April. We encourage people who think they’d like to join, to express their interest already! 

Likely volunteer roles

  • Team lead: Oversees project timelines, resources, and deliverables.
  • Field specialists (nuclear/AI safety etc.): Setting up specific programmes, including planning, execution, and evaluation.
  • Operational associate: Support the team with crucial infrastructure, such as website adjustments, application forms, location reservations etc.
  • Marketing & communications officer: Engage with GCR stakeholders and execute outreach plan to recruit promising applicants.

Your profile

  • An understanding of and commitment to effective altruism principles
  • An understanding of and commitment to global catastrophic risks (level of understanding required differs per role)
  • Experience in or very eager to learn the preferred role(s)

Your benefits

  • Collaborate in a motivated team towards a meaningful talent-building initiative
  • Possibility to get funding and transition into a paid role


Remote or Amsterdam

Time commitment and time frame

4-12 hours per week for 2-3 months (per role)

Estimated timeline

  • April: Recruit and assemble volunteer team
  • May-June: The volunteer team develops a strategy and applies for funding
  • September onwards (if funded): Set up the GCR talent-building initiative (paid roles)

Selection process

  • Application form (this form might be sufficient)
  • Short work test
  • Interview