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Explore various roles

Join the EAN team with one of these various volunteering roles:


  • EAGxUtrecht volunteer: We’re hosting a 3-day conference on EA and related topics! Apply to volunteer before or during the event here.
  • Office manager: Will you make sure our co-working office is properly maintained, creating a welcoming place for people to co-work with other impact-minded individuals?
  • Organise EA activities: Do you enjoy EA activities, such as reading groups, socials and other gatherings? Why not organise one yourself? We’ll help you!
  • General support: Help out with whatever is needed! We’ll look for tasks and projects that suit both our needs.
  • Start your own project: There is generally a lack of people who start potentially high-impact projects. Would you like to do this? Have a low bar reaching out! Here are some examples of potential high-impact projects.

More details on the roles can be found in the volunteer interest form below.