A co-working space for the Dutch EA community

A great way to meet new people and exchange ideas about career plans and donations. We’ve also got a few books you can borrow!

Welcome to our cosy co-working haven, a place where dreams come to life, ideas flourish, and connections are made! Or, in other words, a place where you can look at cost-effectiveness spreadsheets in the company of others…

Our space offers full-sized workstations, allowing you to concentrate on your projects. When you need a break, feel free to use our lounge and kitchen or take a moment to appreciate the peaceful harbour view.

We run this space to foster collaboration and mentorship, helping to create connections between those who are beginning their impact journey and those who can provide guidance.

If you’ve used our co-working space before you’re welcome to just book a spot anytime. If not, register your interest below and we’ll get back to you. 

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Office testimonials

The EAN open office is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people, get inspired and enjoy a solid workspace. Serendipity and effective working guaranteed!

Sanderine van Odijk, 37 years

Being in the EAN office provides a refreshing change from my home office, allowing me to work much more productively. Besides that, lunch break chats with members of the EA community are always a rewarding experience

Tina Wünn, 26 years