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EAGxUtrecht 2024

Mark your calendars for July 5-7 and join us at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, for an unforgettable gathering inspired by the principles of effective altruism.

Why EAGxUtrecht? Here’s what you can expect:

🌐 Networking with a purpose: Connect with hundreds of like-minded individuals ready to make a difference.
🛠️ Idea to Impact Workshops: Turn your vision into reality with actionable insights.
🗣️ Inspirational Talks & Informative Lectures: Learn from leaders in critical areas like AI safety and farmed animal welfare.
🤝 Special focus: Helping attendees launch new organisations and projects.

The applications are now open!

The application deadline is 23 June 2024.

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About us

We believe effective altruism can help people in the Netherlands maximise their social impact. We’re here to build a community of these people by providing resources and connections.

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