Become a highly impactful volunteer

EAN aims to help others to do good better. We invite you to join us!


What’s in it for you?

  • Make a positive impact
  • Connect with amazing people
  • Pursue professional skills
  • Experience personal growth
  • Receive support and guidance

Why volunteer with EAN?

As part of the effective altruism movement, we prioritise effectiveness in our quest to improve the world. We’ve:

For 2024 we aim to focus on communicating EA ideas and global catastrophic risk talent-building.

What our volunteers say

I greatly valued my role in supporting EA group organisers at EAN, gaining deep insights into the strategy and feeling integral to decision-making. Guided expertly by James, I navigated new challenges, enriching my skills and understanding of EAN's mission. The experience enhanced my work style and perspectives, offering lasting benefits. I strongly endorse an EAN internship for anyone seeking to amplify their impact.

Max TheissenIntern at EA Netherlands

Volunteering has been incredibly rewarding and has enhanced my ability to do good better. During my time with EAN, I've worked on diverse projects tailored to my interests and availability, allowing me to effectively contribute to the organization's mission. The supportive and collaborative environment at EAN has been key to my positive experience. From day one, I felt welcomed into an organisation eager to share knowledge and experiences. This openness has been both fulfilling and transformative, helping me expand my network, develop new skills, and gain a deeper understanding of EAN.

Anne WytzesVolunteer at EA Netherlands