Become a highly impactful volunteer

EAN aims to support individuals, groups and organisations who want to maximise their impact. Our vision is of a Netherlands where all of those who are interested in effective altruism have access to the people and the resources they need to increase their impact through their careers, projects, or donations. And we need you to help us make this happen!

What’s in it for you?

  • Make a positive impact
  • Enhance your professional skills
  • Stimulate your personal growth
  • Connect with amazing people
  • Receive support and guidance

Why volunteer with us?


We all want to change the world for the better but, as we’re part of the effective altruism movement, we’re unusually focused on effectiveness. We incubated twelve university groups to grow the movement amongst future professionals. We provide free introductory courses to help everyone in the Netherlands multiply their impact. We supported promising initiatives in their early days, such as Doneer Effectief. We engage with the media (see our recent article in Trouw). And we cultivate and support the Dutch EA community, assisting individuals in pursuing high-impact career trajectories.

What our volunteers say

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the operational side of EAN's driving interest - supporting the EA group organisers. I feel I have received a privileged understanding of the broader strategy, and truly felt involved in the decision-making procedure. James has been an amazing beacon guiding me through the entire internship process, comprised mostly of things I had (with my background in philosophy) never done before. All in all, I learned how to do a lot of new things, gained valuable perspective on EAN's approach to improving the world, and received insights into my work-style that I expect will serve me well for a long time. If you're looking to (learn to) improve your own impact, I highly recommend doing an internship with EAN!

Max TheissenIntern at EA Netherlands

Explore our volunteering opportunities


Browse our list of current volunteer opportunities in the volunteer interest form below. Explore various categories and positions, and feel free to apply for those that pique your interest. Examples of ways to contribute are:

  • Support others with navigating within the EA community
  • Organise events or help out with existing events
  • Use a skill you have (e.g. improve our website)
  • Initiate and lead a new project

If you’re uncertain about the ideal role for you, don’t hesitate to schedule a virtual coffee chat ☕ with us!