Effective Altruism Netherlands

EAN endorses the principles of effective altruism according to the Center for Effective Altruism in Oxford.

What does EAN do?

Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN) was founded as a charitable organization in January 2017. Its mission is to encourage people and organizations to do as much good as possible.

People who want to do good as effectively as possible often lack a network of like-minded people to work together with. EAN is building the network for and of effective altruists in the Netherlands to solve that. The majority of our communication and events is in English, and internationals are more than welcome to join fellow effective altruists in the Netherlands through EAN.

EAN is a catalyst, connector and point of contact. We help effective altruists build their networks with specific goals; connect people with those networks and with each other; and we ensure good and nuanced communication about effective altruism in the Netherlands.

We are a transparant organization. In this light, you can find our records below:

EAN Annual Accounts 2017

EAN Annual Accounts 2018

EAN Annual Accounts 2019

EAN’s strategy, current policy plan (in Dutch). 

Our financial annual reports can also be found below:

Annual financial report 2019 will be published on the website in the summer of 2020.

Read more about the importance of the work of organizations such as EAN here.

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Who are we?

EAN is a foundation with a board of three, a workforce of two and a few dozen volunteers. We are advised by international organizations in the field of effective altruism and Dutch experts in the philanthropic and academic sector. Our donors so far include Triodos Foundation, Jazi Foundation, and Spiritual Innovation FundIn addition, we are supported by a growing group of private donors.

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Advisory Board

Michelle Hutchinson
Jonas Vollmer
Robert Boogaard
Alexander Rinnooy Kan