Effective Altruism Netherlands

Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN) was founded in January 2017. It’s aim is to encourage and enable people and organisations to do the most good. EAN organizes and supports effective altruist projects. As of July 2017 EAN cooperates with networks that apply effective altruist principles.

EAN helps the networks in setting targets and developing an infrastructure, refers people to relevant networks, and brings all networks together in one larger Dutch effective altruism network. EAN is also the central ‘reference point’ in the Netherlands concerning anything that has to do with effective altruism.

In fall 2017 we will present the first networks EAN cooperates with here.

From January to June 2017 EAN supported several effective altruist projects. Information on those can be found here.

Effective Altruism Netherlands uses the platform Heroes & Friends to provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to our mission. This can be done by making a monetary donation but also by contributing your time or network.

EAN endorses the guiding principles of the Center for Effective Altruism.

Want to get in touch? Send us an email at info@effectiefaltruisme.nl or via this form.


Sjir Hoeijmakers
Sjir HoeijmakersExectutive director
Remmelt Ellen
Remmelt EllenOperations manager


Kellie Liket
Kellie LiketPresident
Gert van Vugt
Gert van VugtSecretary
Imma Six
Imma SixTreasurer

Advisory board

Michelle Hutchinson
Michelle Hutchinson
Jonas Vollmer
Jonas Vollmer
Robert Boogaard
Robert Boogaard
Alexander Rinnooy Kan
Alexander Rinnooy Kan

Local groups and online discussion

Effective altruism is still new in the Netherlands, but is quickly growing. Now there are seven groups already that organize events from social meetups to informative lectures. They are for people who are looking to learn more about effective altruism or just wanting to meet other effective altruists and exchange ideas.

The local groups are independent of Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN). EAN supports the local groups insofar it contributes to EAN’s mission.

Besides the local groups you can also get in contact with other effective altruists online, for example via the Dutch Facebookgroup. Members often share articles or have discussions about various topics related to effective altruism.