Extreme poverty

Improving Global Health and Development through Effective Altruism: Integrating Research, Understanding Complexity, and Making Clear Calls to Action.

Unravelling the Global Poverty Landscape

Poverty transcends mere income thresholds. It’s a quagmire of insufficient healthcare, limited education, lack of basic amenities, and diminished opportunities. Each facet of poverty can perpetuate a cycle, spanning generations and hampering socio-economic mobility.

What is Extreme Poverty (and Why Does it Matter)?

Effective altruism explained with examples related to poverty

The Interplay of Health and Poverty: An EA Perspective

Health and poverty are inextricably linked. Poor health can hinder productivity and income potential, while poverty can prevent access to healthcare, nutrition, and sanitation. Effective Altruism recognises this intricate dance, targeting health to uplift communities out of poverty.

Why do Some Effective Altruists Focus on Health Interventions? 

Examples of Effective Altruism in Action Against Extreme Poverty

From cash transfers to health interventions, here are real-world examples where Effective Altruism principles have driven impactful change.

EA success stories in poverty alleviation.

How to Employ Effective Altruism Principles in Poverty Initiatives

A guide on integrating Effective Altruism’s analytical approach into poverty alleviation projects, ensuring they’re both effective and efficient.

Using Your Donations and Your Career to Aleviate Extreme Poverty


Addressing poverty is a monumental task, but with the systematic and evidence-backed approach of Effective Altruism, we can make strides towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.