Donate effectively

GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) are the first organisations to thoroughly research charities to look for those with the largest positive impact per Euro. GiveWell and ACE research charities concerned with poverty reduction and animal welfare, respectively. The international effective altruism movement does not limit itself to these cause areas whilst striving to do the most good. See examples of initiatives in other areas here.

Donating from the Netherlands to ACE’s and GiveWell’s recommended charities, as well as to other effective causes, is easiest with a bank or credit card transfer through the German Effective Altruism Foundation (Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus – EAS). This foundation has an ANBI status in the Netherlands, which means that donations with them as an intermediary are tax deductible. Donating through GiveWell’s or ACE’s website can be done via credit card or PayPal.

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