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EAGx Utrecht July 5-7, 2024

The effective altruism conference for connections, newest insights and impact collaborators!

EAGxUtrecht 5 to 7 July 2024

Come to the Jaarbeurs in the centre of the bustling city of Utrecht for a conference on doing good as effectively as possible, based on effective altruism.

From July 5-7, we will bring together like-minded people, dive into innovative ideas and leave with a renewed inspiration to turn our ideas into concrete actions. This edition of EAGx stands out because we pay special attention to supporting participants in setting up new organizations and projects. We hope that EAGxUtrecht 2024 will be a starting place for initiatives in the Netherlands and beyond, that strive for a better future.

Applications are processed via Effective Altruism’s global application website.

Why EAGxUtrecht?

EAGxUtrecht brings together a diverse network of people who consider helping others as an essential part of their lives. With a focus on inspiring and supporting participants in starting new projects and organizations that promote effective altruism.

What we will do for you:

  • Helping you make career decisions and donations that have maximum impact on others.
  • Find impactful opportunities that match your skills and qualifications.
  • Connect you with potential co-founders for your new high-impact projects.
  • Provide you with warm, encouraging, and understanding role models
  • Helping you make educated predictions about the future of society.
  • Teach you valuable skills such as multi-factor decision-making, task planning, cost-effectiveness analysis and monitoring and evaluation.

Details for registration

  • Apply now!
  • The deadline for application is midnight on the 23rd of June.
  • Standard ticket price: 100 GBP (about €115)
  • Effective Altruism offers discounts to make EAGxUtrecht accessible to people with different budgets.
  • For more information on discounts, travel assistance or booking a hotel visit the EA global website.


  • Networking: build connections that will help you on your way to more impact.
  • Workshops: Learn how to refine your projects and get them off to a flying start.
  • Inspiring conversations: Exchange experiences with impact makers who have gone through the journey from project concept to impact.
  • Lectures: Discover the practical applications of effective altruism in important but neglected areas.

Watch this video from EAGxRotterdam 2022 for a taste of what to expect!

For whom?

If you are unsure whether to participate, we suggest to apply anyway!

EAGxUtrecht is intended for both newcomers and experienced members of the EA movement. We are looking for people who are willing to:

  • Engage deeply with the principles of effective altruism (prioritisation, impartial altruism, open truthseeking, and collaborative spirit).
  • Learn from leaders in the field about how to excel in achieving impact.
  • Connect with a community that shares your passion for change.
  • Start or join initiatives that aim to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

We give priority to applicants from the Netherlands and parts of Western Europe that do not yet have their own EAGx conference. But we also want to connect participants with effective altruists from around the world, so we encourage people from further afield to apply as well!

For those new to effective altruism, we prioritize applicants who are engaged in the movement, as evidenced by concrete plans for positive impact, completion of relevant programs or study of relevant literature.

Volunteer opportunities

Become an integral part of EAGxUtrecht by volunteering. It is an opportunity to develop your skills, meet like-minded people and contribute to the success of the event. Volunteers receive free admission to the event. If you are interested, please indicate this when you register.

About Utrecht

Utrecht is often considered a lively alternative to Amsterdam, with beautiful canals, parks, restaurants and historic buildings. Learn more about Utrecht here. Utrecht is also well connected, with only a 35-minute journey from Schiphol Airport and about 30 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.