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5 April

EA Netherlands is looking for a new board member [closed]

[Application is closed, we are proceeding with current applicants]


Effective Altruism Netherlands is seeking a new member to join their board. This is an unpaid position which we expect to take ~5 hours per month on average, with a lot of month-by-month variation.  In the case of equal suitability for the role, we will give preference to non-male applicants.

If you are excited by a fast-growing community and organisations trying to do the most good,  please fill out the short expression of interest form here.

About Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN)

EAN’s mission is to support others to do as much good as possible, by growing the effective altruism community in the Netherlands. Whether it’s through donating, volunteering, doing impactful projects or changing to high impact career paths.

Over the past year, the Dutch EA community has experienced significant growth. Notably, EAN hosted an international conference with over 700 attendees, expanded from two local groups to more than a dozen, and had 400 people graduate from introductory courses. Additionally, 200 people pledged to donate 10% of their income to effective charities for life, and Doneer Effectief (a sister organisation originally incubated by EAN) raised EUR 700,000 in 3 months. Major publications such as Trouw, De Groene Amsterdammer, De Correspondent, and the NRC featured EA, and EAN launched a co-working office in Amsterdam. EAN was involved in these happenings in various ways, and our mission is to continue supporting such growth.

About the role

The EAN board sets the organisation’s broad strategy, recruits the EAN management team, and oversees their work. As the legal body responsible for ensuring that EAN acts in line with its mission and vision, the board plays a critical role in the organisation.

In practice, the board collaborates with the EAN management team to set strategy and step in when their specific skills, networks, and experiences are most needed. While the board has a quarterly standing meeting with the management team, members also often meet on an as-needed basis.

Your role and time commitment on the board will depend on your unique skills and experiences. On average, board members commit around five hours per month, but this may vary greatly from month to month based on the organisation’s needs

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a new board member who has a basic familiarity with and enthusiasm for the project of effective altruism. Additionally, the candidate should be able to work collaboratively in a reliable, constructive, and respectful manner while maintaining a scout mindset. It is also important that the candidate has relevant networks, experiences, or skills that complement those of the current board.

While fulfilling the additional criteria listed below is a plus, they are not mandatory:

  • Experience serving on the board of a small organisation
  • Willingness and ability to take on the treasurer role and its associated responsibilities
  • Fluency in both Dutch and English
  • Residence in the Netherlands
  • Strong and broad network in a space relevant to doing good in the Netherlands (e.g., policy, entrepreneurship, non-profits, corporates)
  • A track record of applying EA principles or otherwise trying to do good in one’s own life (e.g., in donations, career)
  • Deeper familiarity with the EA project and/or knowledge of one or more cause areas often pursued in the context of effective altruism (e.g., existential risks, global health/poverty, animal welfare)
  • Monitoring and evaluation experience
  • Experience in line managing several people
  • Community building experience
  • Advocacy/communications experience


This is an unpaid role, though expenses made on behalf of EAN are reimbursable.

To express interest

If you are interested in the role, please complete this short form. We are considering candidates on a rolling basis, and will reach out within three weeks if your profile seems suitable.

If you have any questions about the role or recruitment process, please contact our board chair Sjir at