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High Impact Career Accelerator Programme (HICAP)

In short

6 weeks
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Your career is your best opportunity to have a positive impact on the world

This programme is designed to help professionals accelerate into or along high impact careers.

In line with what CEA has written on the subject, we think the amount of good someone can be expected to do is assessed as the product of three factors: their resources, dedication, and realisation. The HICAP will focus on increasing the first two of these (and maybe a little of the third). 

How it works

The HICAP is a free programme open for professionals who are determined to accelerate into/along a high impact career.

It starts on the week of September 19th.

  • 6 weeks
  • ~ 2 hours weekly commitment
  • Schedule
    • Week 1: social event
    • Week 2: first mastermind group meeting (time, place, and day determined by your group’s availability)
    • Week 3: first career capital workshop
    • Week 4: second mastermind meeting
    • Week 5: second career capital workshop
    • Week 6: third mastermind meeting and social event
    • Optional one-on-ones
    • (note: the mastermind groups can continue indefinitely after the programme ends)

Who is this programme for?

We think this programme would be great for two types of people: 

  • People already on a high impact career path who are very ambitious and want to accelerate their progress
  • People who are seriously considering switching to a high impact career path 

To make this programme as impactful as possible we are prioritising high impact careers. The definition of a high impact career is debatable, however we are going to defer to 80,000 Hours’ definition of a high impact career path as this is the definition most commonly recognised within effective altruism.

Are you interested in effective altruism but aren’t familiar with its principles yet? Consider signing up for our introductory programme first! 



  • How can I build relevant career capital to move into a high impact career?
  • Which high impact careers can I excel in?
  • How can I accelerate the impact made through my career?
  • What steps should I take to land my dream high impact career path?

What will the programme consist of?

Bi-weekly mastermind groups

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. A recent forum post describes them as follows:

“The concept is widely used in the solo entrepreneur community but, to our knowledge, has not experienced widespread adoption within EA yet. We believe mastermind groups could be a valuable addition to existing mentoring and coaching formats within EA.” 

We agree with this assessment and want to try them here in the Netherlands! 

We will carefully match you together with ~4 individuals who are in the same career stage and have similar goals, who also want to take action and make changes for a more impactful career. 

Additionally, we will try to make it work so that you can meet in person where preferable/possible. 

Together with your group, you will set goals and help each other reach them!

Career capital workshops

In addition to the mastermind groups, we will host two workshops that help you build essential skills applicable to any career path. The ~2-hour workshops will take place either in-person or online.

You can expect workshops along the lines of “productivity and prioritisation” and “influential communication”.


You can opt in for a short series of career directed one-on-ones with the directors of EA Netherlands. This might be helpful to you if you think you would particularly benefit from tailored advice and introductions to people in EA-related organisations.


We want to help you make new connections both within and across your mastermind groups. Therefore we’ll also host a couple of socials during the programme.

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