Effective Altruism Netherlands is a project-driven organization. These are our current projects:

EAN marketing
The newsletter, interviews, website, social media – marketing is an important part of EAN. In addition, EA is a complex concept to bring across. How do we do this effectively?
Project manager: Hannah & Romée

ANBI project
Many charities recommended by analysts in the EA community do not yet have an ‘ANBI status’ in the Netherlands. This means that Dutch donors cannot deduct their donations to those charities from their taxes. Backed by an international grant of € 15,000 we are guiding charities through their ANBI registration process.
Project manager: Remmelt

Teams for Effective Altruism
Asana is by far the most-used task management system amongst established EA-affiliated organisations. Yet EA start-up teams who are eager to efficiently track tasks online often drop off the service a few weeks later. We’ve launched a shared Asana Business space to guide new teams to built the habit, empower them to collaborate online with established organisations, while reducing costs by 90%.
Project manager: Remmelt

Theme-oriented community events
EAN supports the community with substantive events such as global poverty, AI safety, animal suffering or mental health.
Project manager: Marieke

Workshop series – Interpersonal Skills
Workshops are offered periodically to improve our interpersonal skills, which can have a lot of value for our EA work. Think of networking, pitching / presenting an idea or convincing.
Project manager: Chris

Yearly event to celebrate progress
Every year we want to get together with the entire community to share and celebrate the progression of individuals and organizations. This year this event will take place in November 2019. Keep an eye on our social media posts!
Project manager: Marieke

Values ​​to Actions Fellowship (delayed until halfway next year)
A core goal at EAN is to empower each other to reflect on and stick to our plans to do good better. We believe in deciding our plans based on the deepest values, but we also believe in translating that to action. In this 3-month fellowship you will be supported by coaches and peers to take the next steps.
Project manager: Remmelt