Other EA parties in the Netherlands

EA local groups

Though Effective Altruism is relatively new in the Netherlands, the movement is growing quickly. There are currently four groups that host local events, such as social meetups and informative lectures, and provide a welcoming space to learn more about effective altruism, meet like minded people, and discuss ideas or questions. 

These local groups, organizations and individuals act independently of EAN. We collaborate closely, sharing ideas and resources, but we do not have any hierarchical structure. 

Start a local group 
Visit a group near your city or start your own! resources.eahub.org/start
We can help you with this. Contact us for more information. (Note that we will first explore together if you are a good fit.)

EA university groups

The advantage of a university group is in allowing members at a similar stage of life to discover and share ideas, such as exploring impactful career options together. We encourage individuals to start university groups. The following university groups are already active:

Wageningen University & Research       Erasmus University Rotterdam

Start an university group 
Are you in a university which does not have an EA group yet? There are great reasons to start your own university group, and lots of resources to help you along the way!
We can also help you with this, feel free to contact us for more information. 

EA aligned organisations

There are several organisations in the Netherlands which are aligned with the EA philosphy, targeting specific cause areas as effectively as possible. Click the links to learn more, there may be attractive job openings or volunteering opportunities. 

Please note that EA Netherlands does not have information on how effective these organisations are. Information about international EA-aligned organisations that are proven effective can be found on the site of our project Donate Effective (doneereffectief.nl).



ProVeg is committed to promoting a plant-based diet

Max Foundation

Max Foundations aim is to prevent child mortality due to preventable diseases

CorrelAidX - Nederland

CorrelAid Netherlands

CorrelAid Netherlands connects data scientists with organisations and foundations that advance the Social Good

EA online

Follow online updates and discussions on Facebook. Besides the local group pages, you can visit the following Facebook page and group:
Managed by EAN: facebook.com/EffectiefAltruisme
Open group for the EA community in the Netherlands: facebook.com/groups/EffectiefAltruisme