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Our projects

Effective Altruism Netherlands is a project-driven organisation. These are our current projects:

Networking & community building

One-on-one coffee meetups

Get to know more about Effective Altruism Netherlands and connect with others.

Contact us to have coffee with someone in our Effective Altruism community!

Effective Altruism Cafés

Introduction sessions, lectures and in depth EA meetups. Meet other (aspiring) EA's and refine your ideas/plans by discussing important subjects and ways to have a positive impact. 

Sign up for one of our next EA Cafés here.

Local groups coordination

Aligning and coordinating with city and university EA groups.

We believe that it is more convenient for people to have a community in their city or university and would like to support individuals who want to start a local group. Read more here

Yearly event to celebrate progress

At the end of the year we look back at successes and lessons learned from our community members. It is a more festive event, for the entire community to feel welcome, network and get new inspiration.

Coaching, advice or support

Doneer Effectief

Doneereffectief.nl is a practical guide to organisations that will use your donation most effectively. You can contact project manager Andrea de Wildt for further information and support on donating. 

Values to Actions Coaching

Coaching effective altruists to reflect on their decisions to do good from values to actions. 

With one to five calls we help you go through your values and crucial considerations and eventually turn them into the right actions. 

Fill in this form and we will get back to you within one to two weeks. 

CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Collaborating with corporations to use their CSR resources effectively; both volunteering and donating.

Workshops for civil servants

Providing workshops to civil servants from foreign affairs to support effective decision making, long term thinking and time management. 


We are almost always looking for motivated volunteers to help with projects. For example by helping out in one of the above projects or at one of our internal projects (website, social media, etc). Show your interest by filling in this skills form.

Starting your own project

Do you have a potential impactful and EA aligned project? You can submit your proposal via this form. New to EA(N)? We would advise you to contact us first.