EA(N) summer meetups

EAN meetup - 29 August (a Sunday) 

Time: 14:00

Location: Utrecht, de Pomp [link]

Preparation: Covid-19 fast test 

This is an invite for a low barrier EA(N) meetup in a central place, to catch up, discuss plans or anything you'd like. 

We will invite people who are already familiar with EA. But +1's are definitely welcome!

The original plan was a picnic, but due to the weather we are meeting at de Pomp!

We ask people to do a covid-19 fast test. 

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Meet EAs - 24 July - Vondelpark (has already taken place)

Time: 17:00 

Location: Vondelpark. Exact place will be shared on Facebook.

Call it a meet-up, networking, co-chilling - whatever makes you join. The idea is to hang out with like-minded people in REAL LIFE.

If you'd like to come, please use that rapid Covid test upfront. Let's maximize our safety. 

Take a blanket, a drink of your choice, some snacks not to use hunger as an excuse for evacuating quickly and do arrive!

See you there, with no screen to separate us.