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What you can do with you money

Especially for donations from the Netherlands: Doneereffectief.nl

Doneer Effectief is a website containing practical information and guidance about donating to effective organisations, linking you to the most effective organisations (in the cause areas of Global HealthAnimal WelfareClimate, & ​​​​​​​Future​​​​​​​)

In addition, the website highlights which organisations have ANBI status (Public Benefit Organisation) and therefore give rise to a tax deduction.

Doneer Effectief is currently only available in the Dutch language, however we are planning to have an English option available in the future. In the meantime, if you would like to access a list of effective organisations with an ANBI status, please contact andrea@effectiefaltruisme.nl as well as for any other information regarding donations in the Netherlands.

Doneer Effectief

International donation websites

GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) are the first organisations to thoroughly research charities to look for those with the largest positive impact per Euro. GiveWell and ACE research charities concerned with poverty reduction and animal welfare, respectively.

Donating from the Netherlands to ACE’s and GiveWell’s recommended charities, as well as to other effective causes has tax advantages in the Netherlands in case the organisation has an ANBI status (PBO Public Benefit Organisation).