Vacancy Community Director(s)

Please fill out this form to apply. This is possible until Sunday, October 10 at 23:59.

EA Netherlands is looking for one full-time or several part-time Community Director(s). In total there is ~1.35 FTE available, so the position can also be divided over multiple part-time persons. 

The position is for a minimum of 1 year, and the candidate must live in the Netherlands or be willing to relocate. For the full-time position, command of the Dutch language is a requirement, but part-time (0.4-0.6 FTE) non-Dutch speaking applicants are also welcome.

A successful candidate would follow up our current Director Siebe Rozendal. The position is funded by the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), using the Community Building Grants program. 

About Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN)

EAN aims to increase the number of people working on some of the world's most important problems. We introduce the ideas of effective altruism to new members, facilitate further development, discussion and education, make connections within EAs in the Netherlands and beyond, and support our members to do good better with their careers, time and/or money. 

EAN is an active community. EAN has no official membership, but we estimate that 150-250 people in the Netherlands identify with the label "(aspiring) effective altruist". Of this group, 85 have signed the Giving What We Can pledge, and we estimate that 40-50 people are very actively engaged in EA in other ways. For more information about EAN and its plans, see this document

About this role

The core of the role is to implement and build on EA Netherlands' strategy as defined in March 2021. Please see pages 7-9 of this document. With support from the previous Community Director and the EAN Board, we are exploring if and how this role can be filled and/or expanded. The typical duties that you will perform include: 

The interpretation of the role can vary considerably based on the candidate's individual characteristics, skills and ambitions. 

Working hours are usually quite flexible, with the exception of certain events that take place in the evenings and weekends. EAN does not have a permanent office location available, therefore daily tasks can be performed from home. However, coworking sessions with active members do take place regularly.

Job profile

We expect a successful candidate to have the following profile: 

These additional qualities are appreciated: 

Many excellent candidates will bring some (but not all) of these attributes. We also encourage you to apply if you do not possess all of these traits. 


A successful candidate will be paid as part of the already provided Community Building Grant awarded to EA Netherlands by CEA. The compensation in the amount of approximately €51,000 covers all personal expenses (adjusted based on hours worked). The Community Director would be an independent recipient of this grant and not an employee of EA Netherlandsor CEA. 


Please complete this form to apply, no later than Sunday, October 10. Applications will be reviewed by EAN and CEA. 
The process will likely span over three rounds:

  1. Fill out application form (including CV) 
  2. Work test (maximum of 2 hours)
  3. One or two interview(s) 

Candidates will be notified of the status for each round. With the work test, we will evaluate your content knowledge and skills based on appropriate sample questions.

We hope to fill this position as soon as possible. We expect the process to be completed no later than mid-November. The ideal start date is either on or before December 1, 2021. 

For questions about this position or the process, please contact Marieke de Visscher at

Additional Information