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Effective Altruism (EA) is all about doing the most good. At EA Netherlands (EAN), we believe that we can have a multiplier effect by mobilising competent people and educating altruistically-motivated people to do the most good. 

In the long term, we see EAN as coordinator of a bustling EA network in the Netherlands, full of people supporting each other in high-impact careers, as well as incubating new impactful projects.

In the short term, however, we want to grow and deepen the community. In the last year, the management team has laid a great foundation for EAN, incubating two promising projects (Doneer Effectief & Improving Institutional Decision-Making) and expanding the volunteer team from 7 to 23. 

However, Jan-Willem van Putten, the Managing Director, has accepted the opportunity to join the Charity Entrepreneurship incubation program (with our full support). Now, we are looking for support to hire me (Siebe Rozendal) as the Community Director and to hire one additional person. 



EAN at a glance

For a complete overview of EAN, last year’s achievements, and plans for next year, I can highly recommend reading our General Report

Overview of EAN

Last year’s achievements

New strategy & plans for next year

Our theory of change

We believe that most impact comes from a small number of people that manage to combine a number of things, such as: excellence in a set of valuable skills, a dedication to do the most good, a good understanding of the world and effective altruism, and luck. Therefore, we aim to deepen the engagement of our existing members this year through offering fellowships and coaching them in 1-on-1s. In addition, we want to incubate three university groups. We believe that students are especially well-positioned to make a long-term impact, because they can tailor their education to impactful career paths and have a more flexible world view.

In the long-term, we believe EA communities need to be diverse and not just be a community of students and recent graduates. And we also believe that EA is also about getting things done; not just figuring out what needs to be done. In the medium term, we want to start new projects and scale up our current ones. However, we first need to attain some organisational stability and sustainability. Your donation would allow us to attain this sustainability and give us the chance to prove EAN’s potential for impact.

How much we are looking for

Thanks to previous donations of some generous individuals, EAN has approximately €10,000 available for my salary. Unfortunately, that is not enough yet.

I (Siebe) have applied for a community building grant from the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) for 1.6 FTE + operational expenses. I will hear the result around March 26th, perhaps later.

I believe there is a good chance I will get granted the 0.8 FTE for myself, but a low chance (<10%) of receiving the additional 0.8 FTE. I strongly believe two paid organisers is more than twice as effective as one paid organiser, and I want to fundraise for that. But given the uncertainty in getting even myself funded, donations are very welcome at this stage already.

The absolute minimum I am seeking is €8,000 (or €670/month) additional funding, which would allow me to work 3 days for €1500/month (before taxes) even without receiving the community building grant. If you help us reach this goal, EAN will be ensured of at least 1 paid person and we can scale up, rather than scale down our activities. It would also take away any financial insecurity and allow me to fully commit to EAN.

Ideally, we would fundraise €21,300 (or €1775/month). This would allow us to hire me, or if we get the 0.8 FTE from CEA, an additional person.

In the case that we overshoot the above fundraising goal, I would be happy to return any additional funds to those donors that want to. However, I believe we could still make very decent use of those funds. 

Fundraising milestones

Below is an overview how we would use different fundraising targets if achieved. Note that this is assuming that we do not get the community building grant. If we get the grant, this refers to hiring an additional person.

Minimum goal: €8,000  Siebe Rozendal (or an additional person) will be employed for 3 days a week. No operational expenses can be covered.
Striving goal: 
Siebe Rozendal (or an additional person) will be employed for 4 days a week and €2500 of operational expenses can be covered.
Stretch goal:
> €21,300
We would potentially use additional funds for:
  • Salaries in year 2
  • An intern
  • An office space
  • Hosting a larger event
  • Expanding/incubating a project


What to do if you are interested

Get in touch
If you have reached this far, I hope I have at least peaked your interest in donating to EAN. To express your interest and be contacted by us, please fill in the expression of interest form (5 min.)

If you have any questions, please email me (Siebe) at

To ask your pressing questions and hear what others have to ask, attend our Donor Q&A event (RSVP via expression of interest form) on Wednesday April 7th, 19:30 - 20:30 (Zoom, Google Calendar).

How to donate

We are currently setting up the payment methods of iDeal and credit card payment, and it should be added shortly. If you want to be notified when this is available, email

You can also donate via a bank transfer to the following address:
IBAN:         NL48 TRIO 0338 5113 26
Name:         Stg Effectief Altruïsme

We prefer monthly donations over one-time donations, as this helps us in our planning.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, EAN has the ANBI (Algemeen Nut-Beogende Instelling) status in The Netherlands, and you will receive a donation receipt.

Why do you believe funding EAN is one of the most promising ways to do good?

Donating to a charity that’s not rigorously evaluated like those by GiveWell runs a higher risk of it being less-impactful, especially if it’s a meta-charity like EAN with a less direct route to impact. However, we believe it may be worth your money. We see EAN as a multiplier: the effort we put into EAN translates into additional impact later due to our influence on the career trajectories of our community members. The following factors would also favour donating to community building in general:

Of course, this doesn’t mean that EAN is the best meta-charity in need of funding. Alternatively, you can donate to CEA, 80,000 hours, or the EA Infrastructure Fund. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an objective comparison for you, factoring in different theories of change, room for funding, etc. However, the advantage is that you have local context. You know the community, and you probably know me or someone else from our team. A big part of this donation decision is your trust in me (Siebe) to make a high impact.

In addition, you may be self-interested in donating: as a donor in The Netherlands, you will benefit from local events and a thriving community. And perhaps, you don’t want to dedicate your “impact-maximisation bucket” to EAN, but your “personal feel-good bucket” by supporting someone you know!

How are you kept accountable? Do periodic donations not reduce accountability?

We have a board: they have an oversight and advising role, and we meet at least once every 2 months. 

In addition, as a donor, you will be sent a quarterly funder update. We also plan to conduct a yearly evaluation moment with a presentation of our yearly report and opportunity for questions and criticism. 

Is EAN purely focused on community building for students?

No. In the short term however, we will most actively reach out to students. In addition, our Outreach Team will give talks at promising places for (young) professionals. 

In the long term, we want to start actively incubating projects again, and we are maintaining our current projects.

Can I earmark my donation for a particular project?

We would prefer unrestricted funds. We are willing to explain our plans in a call or over email to see if they fit according to your views and values, and of course we are always happy to receive feedback on plans!