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Locale groups and online discussions


Effective altruism is relatively new in the Netherlands, but the movement is growing quickly. There are already seven groups that organize events, from social meetups to informative lectures. These groups are a good place to learn more about effective altruism, meet other effective altruists and exchange ideas.

The local groups are independent of Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN). EAN supports the local groups insofar that contributes to EAN’s mission.


Next to the local groups you can also get in touch with other effective altruists online, for example via the Facebook group of Effective Altruism Netherlands. Members often share articles or have interesting discussions about various topics related to effective altruism.

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Praat mee in de Nederlandse facebookgroep
Drink koffie met een effectief altruïst

Networks EAN Collaborates with

Effective Giving
Effective Giving is a community of funds and philanthropists who together learn how to use their resources to contribute maximally to a better world.

EAN en Effective Giving work together on sharing knowledge on making effective donations by, for example, publishing articles and making recommended international charities tax deductible.

Career workshops
Alje from Talent2Gather offers workshops during which students learn to apply effective altruism to their careers. How can your choices lead to an interesting, satisfying career that maximally contributes to a better world? The workshops are based on the thorough research of 80,000 Hours in Oxford.

EAN connects academic institutions and student societies with Talent2Gather to enable more students to have a meaningful, impactful career. Please contact us if you are interested.

Road to AI Safety Excellence (RAISE)
RAISE is working on an online course on developing artificial intelligence that is safe and beneficial to the world. See this wiki for an overview, ask your questions in the Facebook group, and fill in this form if you want to contribute.

EAN shares management advice and connections with RAISE.

AI Safety Camp
AI safety research camps are coworking events where aspiring artificial intelligence alignment researchers can collaborate on topics and develop skills. They are organised twice a year by local groups in Europe following a promising first edition in Gran Canaria coordinated by EAN. See the Facebook group for the latest updates.

EAN helps form capable, well-informed teams to organise each new edition of the AI Safety Camp.