Monthly Community Events

We organize monthly Community Events

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English is the primary language of the event

Do you have a few spare hours to help solve the most pressing problems in the world? 

Are you busy on work days but excited about investing your time in supporting Effective Altruism initiatives on a Sunday afternoon? 

Join our active group of fellow Effective Altruists for an afternoon that combines the warm atmosphere of meetups with the results-driven approach of professional networks!

You’re invited to our monthly Community Event!

Here, a number of organizers and entrepreneurs will present a practical issue that’s been blocking progress on their EA initiative.

You can pick the issue(s) that you want to contribute to – and tackle – with other Effective Altruists that afternoon (bring your laptop!)
No long-term commitment necessary, direct results! 

Sounds good? Hit the blue button to sign up!

Are you running up against a bottleneck for your EA project or organization yourself? 

Feel free to share it in your registration, as well as your thoughts on why you think this might be worth spending time on solving for the participants.