When?          29 June 17:00 – 1 July 17:30

Where?         Seats2Meet Utrecht Central Station


About EAGx Netherlands 2018 

Welcome to the first EAGx Netherlands!

During this event, academics, professionals, and students alike will gather in order to explore the most effective and evidence-based ways to improve the world. The conference will feature speakers from the effective altruism community as well as professionals and researchers from relevant fields. There will be introductory and advanced talks on each topic as well as interactive discussions.


Both EA beginners and veterans are welcome!

The conference is organized by Effective Altruism Netherlands, at Seats2Meet Utrecht CS.


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Ticket info

Prices include: entry to the 3-day conference, participation in workshops, lunch and drinks. The ticket does not include a hotel stay, but discounts will be available for a nearby hostel soon.

Regular: €150

Student: €50

Speaker: free


Send us an e-mail at Netherlands@eaglobalx.org

Keynote speakers

William MacAskill


Author of Doing Good Better, founder of 80,000 Hours and co-founder of Giving What We Can, William MacAskill is one of the key figures of the Effective Altruism community.


More keynote speakers will be announced soon!