Celebrating Progress event

What a success! EAN hosted “Celebrating Progress” this year for the first time, with interesting presentations from keynote speakers ProVeg, Founders Pledge, Effective Giving and many more. We are grateful for the open atmosphere, inspiring discussions and enthusiastic attendees. We covered many topics centered around the progress made in regards to Effective Altruism in The Netherlands and more broadly; in addition, touching on both “promises” and “endurance” as virtues. Doing good can also be challenging and full of setbacks. However, by staying committed to thinking critically about the best ways we can create a positive impact. 

Thank you to all those who presented, volunteered and attended the event. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Sustainer Homes for providing us with the fantastic and inspiring venue. 

If you missed this event and would like to be informed about our upcoming events and workshops please register for our newsletter via our website or let us know by contacting info@effectiefaltruisme.nl. That way, we can ensure that you won’t miss out!

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