EAGx the Netherlands 2018

Our first EAGx the Netherlands conference in 2018 was a great success! For pictures visit our Facebook page. For videos visit the EA video channel

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This year’s theme: Stay Curious

Curiosity is the driving force behind Effective Altruism. Which charities are most effective? How could technology change our world? How should we think about efforts that might or might not succeed?

The 2018 conference was designed to fuel your curiosity! See here for more info.


The first EAGx the Netherlands!

During this event, academics, professionals, and students alike were gathered in order to explore the most effective and evidence-based ways to improve the world. The conference featured speakers from the effective altruism community as well as professionals and researchers from relevant fields. There were advanced talks on various topics as well as interactive discussions.

Both EA beginners and veterans were welcome!

The conference was organized by Effective Altruism Netherlands at Seats2Meet Utrecht CS.

Keynote speakers

William MacAskill

President of Centre for Effective Altruism, Author of Doing Good Better, founder of 80,000 Hours and co-founder of Giving What We Can, William MacAskill is one of the key figures of the Effective Altruism community.

Sneak peek: Click here for a recent 80,000 hours podcast featuring William MacAskill

Natalie Cargill

Natalie Cargill practices discrimination and equality law as a barrister in London. She is especially interested in effective interventions to promote anti-speciesism.

Michael Plant

Michael Plant is studying for a DPhil in Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where he researches the most effective ways for individuals and governments to increase world happiness. He’s written for the New Statesman and the Huffington post and is currently helping Peter Singer write a book on the ethics of population growth.


Click on a speaker’s photo for more information about their session.

Alje van den Bosch

EA careers

Christian Tarsney

Normative Uncertainty & Cause Area Diversification

Elias Kock

How can we use finance to scale effective interventions?

Hauke Hillebrandt

Is EA Neglecting Structural Change?

Joeri Kooimans

How to Deal Well with Critique

Kellie Liket

10 failures in my EA career

Maarten Mulder

How to nudge Joe Public towards effective donating;
Barriers to donating and how to take them down

Marijke Leliveld

Why may people be hesitant to adopt EA philosophy

Max Stauffer

Complexity Science & Computational Modelling: Expanding Our Analytical Toolbox

Michiel Koning


Nora Ammann

Translating EA Community Building Strategy into Local Group Tactics

Remmelt Ellen

Values-to-Actions Decision Chain

Sam Hilton

Self improvement, rapid skill building and personal productivity

Stefan Torges

Considerations for Fundraising in EA

Tobias Leenaert

How to Create a Vegan World

Christiaan Broekman

Institutions: EA’s blind spot?

David Krueger

Artificial Intelligence and Existential Risk (AI-Xrisk)

Floris Wolswijk

EA and Entrepreneurship

Jelena Luketina

Machine learning careers for EAs

Johannes Ackva

Effective Energy Altruism

Konrad Seifert

Translating EA Community Building Strategy into Local Group Tactics

Marek Duda

Software for Better Coordination of the EA community

Markus Anderljung

Mental health for EAs

Michelle Hutchinson

EA and Academia

Monique Kwakman

Women’s Meetup

Pablo Moleman

Working with the Food Industry to Reduce Dependence on Animal Ingredients

Robin van Dalen


Sjir Hoeijmakers

Chair of EA Netherlands

Stijn Bruers

Rational Ethics and Moral Illusions;
Wild Animal Suffering

Vera Schoelmerich


Meet the organizers

Denisa Pop
Programme & Speakers


Stan van Wingerden

Marieke de Visscher

profielfoto EA

Lotte Levelt


Remmelt Ellen
Event Manager

Code of conduct

We intended to create a welcoming and fruitful event. 

Take a look at our code of conduct.

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